Attic: Structure, Ventilation, Condition,

Insulation (R value)

Roof: Condition, Age, Flashing, Chimney, Sky Lights, Gutters, Downspouts

Interior: Walls, Doors, Windows, Flooring, Stairs, Ceilings, Safety Concerns​

​Plumbing: Water Heaters, Piping, Sinks, Fixtures, Tub/Shower, Toilets

Exterior: Condition, Doors, Windows, Handrails, Overhangs, Proper Installation, Safety Concerns, Decks/Porches

Reports include detailed images and descriptions of each of the above listed components of the inspection. You will also be notified of any safety hazards or maintenance issues. Your detailed report will be emailed to you within 24 hours of your inspection. Click here for a Sample Report.

Click Inspection Agreement to view a copy of the form we use before we begin the inspection.



Click Standards of Practice to see the full list of everything a home inspection includes.


​Total home inspections include the systems and structures listed below. Partial home inspections can include one or more systems and structures. Radon and Lead Paint testing available upon request. 

​Electrical: Condition/Age of Service Panel, Types of Wiring, GFCI, Smoke Detectors, Lighting

Basement/Foundation/Crawlspace: Floor Structure, Supports, Condition of Foundation Walls

Heating/Cooling: Condition, Age, Type of System, Proper Operation